Massage my stress away
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Massage my stress away

I have a very stressful job so I am always looking forward to my annual trip to the spa. It's a week of different massages and relaxing times at the spa. Its also a good time for my partner and I to get some relaxing treatments together so that we feel close and connected again. We try different spas in different regions to get a new holiday and have some time relaxing together. This blog is all about the different spa experiences we have tried and the different massage techniques that work for us. It's always good to get new ideas and inspiration.


Massage my stress away

  • Massage Therapy: Reviewing Shockwave Therapy

    21 December 2016

    For some people, a massage session is considered a luxury. The benefits that you can get from massage therapy, however, demonstrate that you should introduce such sessions into your lifestyle. There are various types of massages, and you need to know which particular type suits a specific need that you may have. Among other benefits, a massage therapy helps you to: Reduce tension in your muscles Deal with pain Improve circulation If you are into sports or exercise, then you are vulnerable to various types of injuries.

  • Remedial Massage And Relaxation Massage - What's The Difference?

    27 January 2016

    Massage treatments are usually associated with either a refreshing, stress-reducing experience undertaken in a health spa, or something more intense that happens in a more clinical environment in order to treat a sports injury.  So what's the difference between a remedial massage and a relaxation massage?   Read on to find out more. What is a relaxation massage? As its name suggests, a relaxation massage is designed to help loosen up and destress your body.

  • Top Benefits of Physiotherapy for Treating Chronic Back Pain

    12 January 2016

    Pain is something that many people have to deal with on a daily basis, but it has the ability to negatively impact many aspects of your life. Chronic back pain can be linked to a number of causes, but managing this pain effectively becomes the biggest priority. Physiotherapy is a popular treatment option for many types of chronic pain and has the ability to minimise symptoms of pain. Before you choose the best treatment option for your chronic back pain, it is important that you are fully aware of the most important benefits of physiotherapy.