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Massage my stress away

I have a very stressful job so I am always looking forward to my annual trip to the spa. It's a week of different massages and relaxing times at the spa. Its also a good time for my partner and I to get some relaxing treatments together so that we feel close and connected again. We try different spas in different regions to get a new holiday and have some time relaxing together. This blog is all about the different spa experiences we have tried and the different massage techniques that work for us. It's always good to get new ideas and inspiration.


Massage my stress away

Massage Therapy: Reviewing Shockwave Therapy

Gary Peterson

For some people, a massage session is considered a luxury. The benefits that you can get from massage therapy, however, demonstrate that you should introduce such sessions into your lifestyle. There are various types of massages, and you need to know which particular type suits a specific need that you may have. Among other benefits, a massage therapy helps you to:

  • Reduce tension in your muscles
  • Deal with pain
  • Improve circulation

If you are into sports or exercise, then you are vulnerable to various types of injuries. Shockwave therapy is one of the most reliable solutions to your pain, and you should adopt it into your lifestyle.

What Is Shockwave Therapy?

This is a type of non-invasive and non-surgical treatment applied in dealing with muscle, tendon and joint conditions. Shockwave therapy is especially effective in treating tennis elbow. Such injuries result from repetitive use of your elbows, whether in playing a game of tennis or performing certain house chores. In addition to tennis elbow, you can rely on shockwave therapy to relieve you from pain resulting from shoulder tendonitis, achilles tendonitis and plantar fasciitis.

Who Needs This Therapy?

Any active human being is a potential user of this type of therapy. The more intense your activities, the higher the probabilities of getting injures that require shockwave therapy. Occupations such as carpentry put you at high risk of getting tennis elbow, and this therapy is a must. In addition, you may also get injuries during your work out at the gym or while playing a game with a friend. For professional athletes, injuries are typically a story of your life, so this therapy is essential in facilitating faster recovery to resume your playtime. If you are not an athlete, in an occupation that requires such high levels of physical activities or do not exercise on a regular basis, it does not mean that you cannot get such injuries. In fact, the less fit you are, the higher the chances of getting injuries that require therapy. A simple missed step on the staircase to your apartment can result in an injury.

Shockwave therapy is a simple procedure that takes less than ten minutes. More importantly, the therapy has been proved to be highly effective in treating such conditions as tennis elbow. You do not have to worry about possibilities of invasions or surgical processes. In addition, anaesthesia is not required when you are subjected to this therapy.