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Massage my stress away

I have a very stressful job so I am always looking forward to my annual trip to the spa. It's a week of different massages and relaxing times at the spa. Its also a good time for my partner and I to get some relaxing treatments together so that we feel close and connected again. We try different spas in different regions to get a new holiday and have some time relaxing together. This blog is all about the different spa experiences we have tried and the different massage techniques that work for us. It's always good to get new ideas and inspiration.


Massage my stress away

Remedial Massage And Relaxation Massage - What's The Difference?

Gary Peterson

Massage treatments are usually associated with either a refreshing, stress-reducing experience undertaken in a health spa, or something more intense that happens in a more clinical environment in order to treat a sports injury.  So what's the difference between a remedial massage and a relaxation massage?   Read on to find out more.

What is a relaxation massage?

As its name suggests, a relaxation massage is designed to help loosen up and destress your body.  This is the kind of treatment you could expect to enjoy in a health spa environment with low lighting, soft music, and scented candles when you need a treat or some TLC. 

Your practitioner will initially use long, flowing effleurage strokes followed by gentle kneading and manipulation of your tired muscles.  Often, specially chosen aromatherapy oils are used, and you can choose whether to have light or hard pressure applied throughout your treatment. 

Relaxation massage is a wonderful, pain-free way to achieve total relaxation for both your body and your mind.

What is a remedial massage?

By contrast, remedial massage is usually carried out in a more clinical environment and is primarily designed to relieve muscular pain and stiffness, or to help alleviate the pain caused by an existing medical condition.  Consequently, your GP may refer you to a suitable clinic for remedial massage treatment if they think that this therapy will be complementary to other forms of medical treatment.

Many health conditions can be helped by remedial massage, including:

When you attend for your therapy session, the remedial massage therapist will take a history of your problem and will carry out an assessment to determine which muscles require treatment.  A treatment plan will then be devised to address the problem.

Remedial massage therapy often necessitates deep tissue work, which can be uncomfortable, but the relief you will gain in the long term will be well worth it.  Unlike relaxation massages, which are often an infrequent treat, remedial massage treatments are usually carried out during a planned series of ongoing, regular sessions, depending on the nature of your injury or condition.

Private health insurance companies will often cover the cost of remedial massage if it is to be carried out as a complementary therapy in conjunction with other medical treatments, whereas you'll usually have to fund relaxation massage sessions yourself.

In conclusion

Remedial massage and relaxation massage are two entirely different things.  Have a chat with a good massage therapist for more advice on the services they offer and how massage therapy could be of benefit to you.